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I became a strap maker because I, like many collectors, became obsessed with customizing my watches. It started out by just modifying a few pieces then quickly grew to buying very specific tools to actually create my own. If you see one of my straps on Instagram, liked it, and want to add your own touch to it, let's turn that into reality.

Please take the time to figure out what you want. I can only do the leathers I have at this moment (you can find out by emailing me) and the threads I use. And remember, these are all made by hand, by me, in my workshop here in my apartment in New York City - not a factory. If you're ready and know what you want, please fill out the form below to contact me.

Here are the cost:

$50 a strap - these are straps you see on Instagram, Something I designed already.

$10 extra if you want a custom strap to suit your needs. This is customized to you.

As for shipping, all straps are shipped free in the United States. Please add $8 worldwide.

If you run a business of selling vintage watches or just watches in general, I can accept bulk orders but you must contact me first. Bulk orders starts at 6 or more straps​. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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