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One of the most famous chronographs in recent history has been the Wakmann Triple Date chronograph. To this day, it is highly collected and sought after by many for its looks and it's history. 


The name Gigandet doesn't typically ring a bell to some. Charles Gigandet owned and operated a watch store in New York City called Wakmann in the mid 1950's. The store distributed many brands at the time like Breitling and Vulcain and thats when I think this chronograph was born. It's also one of the rarest variant in the triple date library of Wakmann/Gigandet.


It has the whatever the Wakmann Triple Date had -triple register/sub dials, a day and month function below the logo and the separate hand for the date. The only real difference is the movement (also signed as Vulcain) and logo. The movement is where the line separates as the Valjoux 730, the one thats in this watch, was an updates version to the popular Valjoux 72c ("c" fo calendar) that the early Gigandet and Wakmann triple date watches were famous for. Instead of running at 18,000 bph (Valjoux 72c), the 730 ran higher at 21,600 bph for better accuracy. 


The 70's were a tough time for everyone in the watch industry. Materials that made a watch got cheapen and inexpensive mechanical movements were also used in a lot of watches as well. Not to mention the increasing number of quartz watches that was taking over slowly. The Vulcain triple date would have normally had a chrome plated case, pushers and crown. These parts degrade over time. Instead of restoring it and replating it with chrome, I found an old stock of the same exact case in steel with steel pushers and crown. So this upgrade to that degraded case was a no brainer. This also ensures the watch will last even longer. As a final note on the case, do not to be confused as the caseback is also the same as its previous one with the notation that the caseback is steel which typically indicates that the case in chrome plated. I assure you that the case is steel (it's got some weight to it).


Other than the case upgrade, the watch was also service recently. The watch winds smoothly. The chronograph function operates well, it stops and resets at zero. The day/month and date pushers works well as well and its located on the left. The day/month is operated by pushing the top (the date function is just right below) which changes the month (in order to change it to the right day (mon, tue, etc..), one would have to do a full cycle using the crown. 


  • Brand: Vulcain 

    Year: 1960's

    Case No.: 1315.30.75

    Movement: Valjoux 730

    Case: Steel (previously of chrome plated origin, upgraded to steel of the same exact case and case back)

    Size: 39mm without crown

    Case Thickness incl. Plexie: 14.3mm 

    Lug Width: 20mm

    Lug to Lug: 46.2mm

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