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Wakmann did numerous versions of this watch. With that said, this particular version, the blue dial with the Wakmann signature, is quite a rare watch. There's also a very similar black version which is common and would often pop up on several marketplace. These were probably mass produced at some point around the late 60's or early 70's just as the quartz crisis is starting to set in. It has a chrome case which is indicative of a low cost alternative and might have even be one of the models that are affordable at the time. Affordable is a double edge sword in a way since not very many of them would survive in the future because of the materials used. That said, it is a perfect incredient for collectors because of its scarcity.

It's also important to note that this watch not only features a tachymeter, but also has a regatta timer seen on the 3 o'clock sub dial (painted in red). It features the first five minutes it takes to start a yacht race. A timer like these are a crucial tool used by sailors to make sure they start the race at the correct time when the gun is fired. All of this is to avoid a penalty when the boat starts before the official gun is fired.

Brand: Wakmann
Year: Late 1960's - Early 1970's
Ref. No.: 332 23
Movement: Valjoux 7733
Case: Chrome, steel back
Case Size: 36mm without crown
Case Thickness: 13mm
Lug Width: 18mm
Lug to Lug: 42.2mm
Crown: Original


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