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Wakmann was a brand that existed in the early part of the 1950's up until the late 1970's early 80's. They had a store in New York City in the heart of the jewelry district. They were a watch dealer and distributor to many different brands such as Vulcain, Breitling, Tourneau and possibly dozens more. But inspite all of that, they also produced their own brand of watches which ranges from all types. These days they're mostly known for their triple date chronographs (day, date, & month) but in their earliest days they also produced numerous other chronographs such as these and were probably in a more affordable category as supposed to a Breitling or a Heuer. 


These early Wakmann chronographs are getting tougher to find in this condition these days. Especially for this paricular Wakmann which was probably released around the 1950's with it's unusually large size case (38mm) and a silver sunburst dial. The dial is probably the best feature of the watch as it is strikingly gorgeous and in near perfect shape. The flat pushers (seen on the right where one would operate the chronograph functions) are typically something you'd see on a watch, or in this case a chronograph released around the 1940's up until the late 1950's. One of the best features of the watch is that it's powered by a Landeron 248 movement - an affordable version of the valjoux, excelsior park, etc. and has a much thinner profile than. 


  • Brand: Wakmann

    Year: 1950's

    Ref. No.: 325 21 

    Movement: Landeron 248

    Case: Chrome, steel back

    Case Size: 38mm without crown

    Case Thickness: 11mm

    Lug Width: 20mm

    Lug to Lug: 43.8mm


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