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When you think about chronographs of the past, you’d probably mention Breitling and Heuer. But in retrospect, Wakmann had been there all along as well.


Charles Gigandet started in 1959 and was a distributor for many different watch brands such as Breitling and Buren. They’re known for their entry-level chronographs of the past and had many different brands working with them under the same name.


This Gigandet Triple Date calendar is a perfect example of design that works. It's possible that this Gigandet was either an earlier or later release from a previous design that consisted of pushers sticking out from the sides and a red second hand. The second hand on this watch is purpled using electroplating as supposed to it being painted red. The Gigandet line of watches are known to have used purpled hands on their second and subdial hands (you can see me mention this on several of the Gigandet v72 on Instagram). What’s different about this version is that the day/date pushers are now pushed-in and the replaced the second hand with black as suppose to red making it a seamless transition. It is rather pleasing in the eye to see. 


There's a small nick on the 6 o'clock subdial around 9 which you could hardly see unless its what you're looking for. The dial is a much legible alternative to the popular black dial with white sub-dials (panda). It’s a gorgeous watch. There are superficial scratches are found throughout and it's what we’d expect on a watch that’s over 60 years old. The watch was serviced back in November of 2017.


  • Brand: Gigandet/Wakmann 

    Year: 1960's

    Ref. No.: 1309

    Movement: Valjoux 723

    Case: Steel

    Size: 37mm without crown

    Case Thickness incl. Plexie: 14.2mm 

    Lug Width: 19mm

    Lug to Lug: 45.8mm

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